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Strategic Coach®

Founded in 1988 by Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith, Strategic Coach is an organization that has helped over 16,000 highly successful entrepreneurs from more than 60 industries and a dozen countries make quantum leaps in the growth of their businesses and in their quality of life. From the wisdom we've developed by working with this dynamic group of growth-oriented individuals, we've created a wealth of tools and products to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-minded people to grow by increasing their clarity, focus, confidence, and autonomy.

The Strategic Coach® Program was the first coaching program exclusively for successful entrepreneurs and remains the industry's gold standard. More than 3,000 entrepreneurs currently attend Strategic Coach workshops on a quarterly basis.

Strategic Coach Program participants significantly increase their income and free time while building strong, future-focused companies that leave their competition behind. Many have set new standards in their industries and made significant contributions to their communities through the increased focus, resources, and creativity they've gained by participating in the Program. Because of these results, most participants continue to attend Strategic Coach workshops year after year. They comment that as they grow, the Program grows with them.

Our company operates using the same philosophy, tools, and concepts taught in the Strategic Coach Program. With over 100 entrepreneurially-minded team members and three offices—one in Toronto, one in Chicago, and one in the UK—the company continues to grow and enrich our offerings to an expanding global client base. 

If you would like more information about Strategic Coach, our programs for entrepreneurs, or our many products for entrepreneurial thinkers, please call 416.531.7399 or 1.800.387.3206, or visit

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