The 4 C's Formula™


Have you ever wondered why some people are super-achievers and seem to go from success to success while others never seem to get out of the starting blocks?

Strategic Coach® founder Dan Sullivan identified a series of stages that successful people go through every time they achieve a new breakthrough in their lives. He called this process The 4 C's Formula™. Every breakthrough starts with a commitment to a bigger future goal. But sticking to that commitment even when you don't yet have the skills or confidence to achieve the goal takes courage. This courage stage is key. Many people stop here or procrastinate because courage doesn't feel good. But going through a period of courage is necessary if you're going to get to the next level of success. When you willingly go through the uncomfortable courage stage, you quickly start to see a new capability emerging. This developing capability leads to the final stage of the four-step process, confidence. And with your new capability and confidence, you're ready to commit to another bigger, better goal—and the 4 C's Formula process begins again.

By mastering this formula, you can make the process of achieving goals and future breakthroughs easier, faster, and more predictable, giving you ever-increasing confidence to reach higher and higher levels of success in your business and life.

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