The 4 C's Formula™


Your 4 C’s Formula Breakthrough

What breakthrough or experience has most increased your confidence? What area of achievement gives you the greatest sense of pride and the biggest feeling of momentum?


Being committed means that you have a clarity of vision and are sold on the importance and payoff of the desired result. You are fully motivated and willing to create the teamwork required to activate this idea. What was the commitment needed for you to achieve this breakthrough? 


This crucial yet uncomfortable stage is the catalyst for all growth and innovation. It’s the willingness to step outside your comfort zone that supplies the creativity needed to see entirely new possibilities and solutions you never saw before. What were the biggest areas of fear, uncertainty, and discomfort you needed to transform to achieve this breakthrough?


Growing your capabilities sets up new learning opportunities that provide the foundation for future growth. What new skills, knowledge, attitudes, and habits emerged out of moving through this period of courage? 


Confidence is the by-product of gaining a new capability. People who increase their confidence have the advantage of being able to make bigger commitments — which lead to bigger breakthroughs. How has your confidence increased as a result of moving through this process? What improvements have you made to the process that give you increased energy? 

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